Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Too long..

Hi. Hello. Hiya. What's up?
I have missed you all so dearly! It's been entirely too long since I've been on this here blog and I'm bursting with things to tell you.
I was only suppose to be gone for a couple of days while the boy and I went on our trip to Chicago, but that turned into a week..which turned into two.. and here we are at about a month. 
I've been so bogged down with feelings and just drama with my work situation that doing much else has been a constant struggle.
I can't live for what's to come tomorrow so I decided to live for what's here today. 
Avoiding everything only exacerbates the problem and doesn't make me any happier, on the contrary, it makes me more anxious!
I love this blog and I love all of you. 
Tomorrow I will be back with some of the things we did in Chicago. 

I hope you've missed me.. because I've missed you!

With All My Love,



  1. Every once in a while we all need a break, glad that you're back though!!

    (and I can't wait to see the tattoo you mentioned in the last post!)

    1. Thanks Alex :) I didn't mean to make it so long.

  2. Well I'm sure that we all agree we (the Internet) are glad to hear from you again!
    I hope the drama will settle down though, and lady, I know how you feel about work. When you spend so much time in one environment, it can be so draining when things suck. Ugh!

    1. I'm feeling so incredibly bogged down.. I've decided to turn a new page because it won't settle until I leave. My boss just wants me out. Trying to make a bad situation better for me though.


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