Monday, August 5, 2013

Rewind it.

Happy Monday!
How was your weekend? Mine was pretty relaxing and productive which is always good.
I've been crafting and sewing a lot these days. It seems like I have a new idea pop into my head daily.
Sometimes it is a little exhausting though because I don't know what to start on first....that's always the first question I have. I made the Aladdin painting below for Pia's room. Have a couple of other ones in the works for her as well. 
I took Saturday off of work and had a garage sale at Bob's house and boy was it worth it. I made more than I would have at work for sure and got rid of a ton of stuff.
The kids had so many toys that they have wayyyy outgrown and it was time.
Willow Nebula in Bloom DIY Arts and Crafts Nebula in Bloom
Garage Sale Nebula In bloom Blue Onion Nebula In Bloom
Willow is such a diva and I swear almost every time I try to take a good picture she does that. I didn't even have the flash on! She's also always laying on whatever it is i'm sewing at the moment... Oh kitties.
We also treated ourselves to a date at a super yummy restaurant 45 minutes away. They have the most delicious artichoke/spinach dip EVER. It is to die for.
That was pretty much my weekend summed up for you, except for all the Breaking Bad we've been watching. There's only a couple more episodes left to watch until we're all caught up for the new episodes this week! Can't wait!

With All My Love,