Friday, April 19, 2013

Minions Through The Years...

Happy Friday.
Everyone breathe a sigh of relief... ::sigh:: yay! I'm going not going to focus on my extra day of work tomorrow because I get tattooed tonight. STOKED. That's for another post though. I promise I will show all of you what it ends up being.

I've  been thinking alot about my minions, kids, lately and how much they've grown and how amazing their personalities are. I thought I would dedicate a post to them. I'm sure I'll be posting more stuff about them randomly, but these are a couple of my favorite pictures of them through the years. 
They love to take photobooth pictures and I'm always finding random ones on my computer, Ipad, cellphone... sheesh! They get started young. Look how cute their little faces are in this one though! I love it.
They might as well be twins with how close in age they are! I'm pretty sure the picture on the left is from 4 years ago and the one on the right from 3 summers ago. Wow, time flies in an instant. We're always smiling though.
I'd like to tell you a secret. I never thought I would be a mom as young as I was when I had them. I mean really who wants to have kids at the age of 19? I'm selfish and impatient, two qualities that don't really mix really well with being a caretaker. They, however, changed me for the better. I still have both of those qualities but I always try to put them first, always.
Who could resist those little faces and smiles? No one. I need my me time like any other person/mom out there but I really think they're awesome. The constant getting after them to pick up x,y, and z, feed the animals, and quit squeezing the kitty stop at some point.. right?

Pia is about to be seven.. like really where did the time go? Noah's going to be six in September and he's still my little monkey baby.
One thing that hasn't faltered between them is their love for each other. They're always thinking about, looking out for, and talking about each other. They save stuff for one another when they're not together. It seriously is the cutest thing and i'm grateful that even though of course they fight, oh man do they fight, they're always best friends when they calm down.
Their personalities are the best. They both love Star Wars.. I mean hello?! could they be any cooler? Tidbit: Noah came home and told me, a couple of days ago, that none of his friends knew about Star Wars and he was bummed because he couldn't talk to anyone about how awesome it was. This made me giggle a bit. Then I told him he always has me! 
They both love books, video games, bike riding, exploring, geocaching (treasure hunting), and cooking. 
Pia is the bossy one, she's stubborn, and she always speaks her mind. That doesn't remind me of ANYONE at all.. ok, maybe me a little. Noah is caring, funny, goofy, and reserved. I cannot wait until they are 15 and 16 but they are pretty awesome now at 6 and 5.
Have an awesome weekend!
With All My Love,


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Historical Thursday: "Fontana Di Trevi"

No clue how you all are feeling but I'm so weighed down by all the tragedy in the US these past couple of days. So glad I don't have any friends by where the explosion happened!
I thought we could take a trip away from here and visit a lovely site in Rome, Italy. The Fontana Di Trevi ( The Trevi Fountain). This is one of my favorite places in Rome.
Isn't this so gorgeous? Couldn't you sit here for hours and enjoy the water sound and the people watching? If you answered yes to both, you're my kind of a person! 
The fountain was first commissioned to be built in the 1600s but never went beyond the sketch phase. It was picked up a Century later and finally finished in 1762.
The fountain is the largest Baroque fountain in the city and one of the most recognized in the world!
The man standing in the middle of the fountain is Neptune, god of the sea. He is riding a chariot, in the shape of a shell, pulled by two horses. The horses are both being led by a Triton. The horses symbolize two aspects of the sea, one is really calm, right side, and the other is very aggressive, left side. 
The statues on either side of Neptune stand for abundance, left, and health, right side. 
These pictures do not do the fountain any's so darn beautiful! It was actually restored in 1998 that's why it's so bright and shiny. Along with a cleaning all the cracks were also fixed.
Here's me being my smiley self right after I threw my coin into the fountain. Legend has it that you will come to the Rome again if you throw a coin over your back into the fountain. I will throw another 20 coins if it'll get me back to that beautiful country! 
I looked it up and an estimated 3,000 Euros, $3,900, are thrown in to the fountain everyday.. that's just insane. I hope they put that money to good use.

Today's post was short and sweet but I hope informative!

With All My LOVE,


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Doctor Who

So for the last two weeks I've had a new and very addicting obsession.. Doctor Who. OMG, it's the most amazing thing ever. I had resisted for a while to watch it. It didn't seem like my cup of tea but boy was I wrong!
Just wanted to show you all some cool things I found around the interwebs!
Oh Daleks.. will we ever get rid of you? Don't tell me if you know.. I just finished season two.
Tardis <3
Aren't these awesome?!
Doctors.. Not going to lie it took a while to get used to the 10th? doctor.. 
Obsessed with this!

These two are kind of hard to see but aren't they awesome?

I cannot get enough of this show. I'll be sad when I come to the end of the episodes on Netflix for sure.
With all my love,


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thrifty Days

Hello Gals! It's been a bit since my last post. It's been a whirlwind of applying for jobs and living.
Send some good vibes my way please.
I've been in a really good mindset so hopefully that will do something for me. 
Last weekend the boy and I went thrifting and record shopping at a local shop a town away. This is one of my favorite places to go and kill time and look at beautiful things. It's not a thrift shop more a vintage shop so some of the stuff is pricey but neat to look at.
 Look at this  mermaid!
I wish I would've gotten this for one of my friends. They call her squirrel. Ha!                                                                            
I'm obsessed with chickens and rooster anything. I would've gotten this but it was $30.. A tad much I think.
For some reason I have a fascination with old bottles. I wanted these SO bad but Bob told me no.. I have to find a purpose for them first. Build some shelves to display them.
Nothing in my size. Boo. Look at this sleeve detail though.
The boy's favorite animal is a penguin and I really wanted these..but they were an outrageous amount :\
I wish I would've photographed the record store but I'm always there so soon enough.
The only thing I bought this day was a teapot. Really cute!

Having an excellent day. Hope this keeps up. 

With all my LOVE,