Friday, April 19, 2013

Minions Through The Years...

Happy Friday.
Everyone breathe a sigh of relief... ::sigh:: yay! I'm going not going to focus on my extra day of work tomorrow because I get tattooed tonight. STOKED. That's for another post though. I promise I will show all of you what it ends up being.

I've  been thinking alot about my minions, kids, lately and how much they've grown and how amazing their personalities are. I thought I would dedicate a post to them. I'm sure I'll be posting more stuff about them randomly, but these are a couple of my favorite pictures of them through the years. 
They love to take photobooth pictures and I'm always finding random ones on my computer, Ipad, cellphone... sheesh! They get started young. Look how cute their little faces are in this one though! I love it.
They might as well be twins with how close in age they are! I'm pretty sure the picture on the left is from 4 years ago and the one on the right from 3 summers ago. Wow, time flies in an instant. We're always smiling though.
I'd like to tell you a secret. I never thought I would be a mom as young as I was when I had them. I mean really who wants to have kids at the age of 19? I'm selfish and impatient, two qualities that don't really mix really well with being a caretaker. They, however, changed me for the better. I still have both of those qualities but I always try to put them first, always.
Who could resist those little faces and smiles? No one. I need my me time like any other person/mom out there but I really think they're awesome. The constant getting after them to pick up x,y, and z, feed the animals, and quit squeezing the kitty stop at some point.. right?

Pia is about to be seven.. like really where did the time go? Noah's going to be six in September and he's still my little monkey baby.
One thing that hasn't faltered between them is their love for each other. They're always thinking about, looking out for, and talking about each other. They save stuff for one another when they're not together. It seriously is the cutest thing and i'm grateful that even though of course they fight, oh man do they fight, they're always best friends when they calm down.
Their personalities are the best. They both love Star Wars.. I mean hello?! could they be any cooler? Tidbit: Noah came home and told me, a couple of days ago, that none of his friends knew about Star Wars and he was bummed because he couldn't talk to anyone about how awesome it was. This made me giggle a bit. Then I told him he always has me! 
They both love books, video games, bike riding, exploring, geocaching (treasure hunting), and cooking. 
Pia is the bossy one, she's stubborn, and she always speaks her mind. That doesn't remind me of ANYONE at all.. ok, maybe me a little. Noah is caring, funny, goofy, and reserved. I cannot wait until they are 15 and 16 but they are pretty awesome now at 6 and 5.
Have an awesome weekend!
With All My Love,



  1. OMG! So incredibly adorable! They get cuter as they go! I love your sons little glasses :D

  2. Goodness, your kids are precious. I love how close they seem. You are a lucky lady! :)

  3. Pati, your kids are absolutely adorable! I love that you dedicated this post to them- they have such wonderful little personalities, and seriously- could they be any cuter? I think not. Thanks for sharing all of this with us :) They are great kids and you are equally an amazing Mother!


  4. Seriously, so stinking cute!!!
    As you know, my boys are just as close in age (13 months apart to be exact) so I absolutely know how close the relationship can be, no matter how much fighting happens! I swear, I get more worked up over it than they do, a switch goes off and they're back to being best friends while I'm pulling my hair out ;)
    Being a mom at 19 is super rough (I was the same age), you have to grow up fast and put these little guys ahead of your own wants and needs, which as selfish as it sounds, is really really hard and challenging. But in the end, they are SO worth it :)



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