Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Windy City Day 2

Today I thought I would show you day two of our Chicago trip. I cannot wait to go back guys. The windy city is amazing.
So after the long day on Thursday we slept in a little and decided to try to go to a brunch place. Apparently this doesn't work very well on a weekday. Either way we ended up here, at Eggsperience. They had tons of breakfast food items that we could not wait to delve into.
The decor, as you can see, was really lively and bright. Good atmosphere, if you ask me. The juxtaposition of Bob v. me in those two pics is hilarious. 
I decided to go for a veggie omelette with some ham and hashbrowns. It was to die for and super fresh.
Bob had eggs benedict hash browns and also ordered corned beef hash. In the end it was entirely too much food but his corned beef hash was totally worth it. Yum!
After we were done with some munching we decided to go here! The Field Museum. I cannot explain how much reading and learning we did that day. We seriously did NOT get through 1/8 of this place and were there for over four hours. It's not something you can get done in an entire day even.
Amazing to just get lost in there! Loved it.
This is the famous Sue and she greets you as you walk in! Haha.. no guys she's dead. I promise.
She's the most famous T-rex in the world because she's the most complete, well preserved, and largest.  Neat-o right?! She measures 13 feet and is 42 feet long. Insanely large. Can you imagine that running towards you?! "She" is not actually a she.. or rather she could be but paleontologists aren't sure what sex it is. She is actually named for the scientist who found her! Sue Hendrickson, the paleontologist, discovered Sue, the T-rex, in 1990. 
This is Sue's actual head but since it weighs over 600 pounds it couldn't be put on the rest of the skeleton. She's scary and fascinating all in one breath. The head that's on the actual skeleton is a replica.  If you look at the picture above you'll see where this head rests. It's on the second floor behind her where the picture of the T-rex is. 
I thought I would include a map of the three levels of the museum just to show you the size. The level that looks the largest is the main level and where we spent most of our time. We chose to go up to the second level next. Now do you believe me that you can't just go for a couple of hours on one day? It's insane how large it is.
These next couple of pictures are just some interesting artifacts from different peoples of the Americas. I had seen pictures of some of these type of pottery so it was really neat to see real ones. People of the Americas, particularly Incan/Pre-Incan, have always fascinated me. There's not enough information I can have on the. 
All three of the vessels above are depicting different things that these particular people experienced/believed in. For some reason I didn't take pictures of what vessel went with what group of people. Boo. I know the last two are anthropomorphic representation of gods. The last picture of course being a lobster god. How awesome is he? I want to say that the first vessel depicts a battle scene but I don't want to lie to you guys. There was just so much information! If you look at it closely though, you can see tiny little people climbing all over a bigger person. 
The Aztec calendar of course. This is just a replica though. I had no clue it was this huge!
Decorated knives! Some of them have jade inlays and of course heads of different animals.
Our favorite! Dinos!! This room was filled with them and they were awesome. It's funny because Bob was such a weird little kid, just like me, he had a dino book and could name all the dinosaurs and would apparently correct people if their knowledge was faulty. Ha!
This quote was at the end of the evolution exhibit, which the dinos were in. The whole thing was super interesting and you got to walk through our evolving planet from the very inception of life. OH science, you always thrill me!
I'm sure you could imagine how tired we were after that so we decided to get out into the fresh air and make our way to the Willis(Sears) Tower. 
One of the many views you got on the top of the tower. I would've been happy to just take pictures of this and me in front of it. 
Bob of course wasn't. He happily stood on the ledge that they have up there. It's making my stomach turn even thinking about it now! 
He pulled me into the ledge because according to him I would regret it later if I didn't do it. There were people jumping on it and doing crazy things on it. What is wrong with you?! I could barely put one foot on there. EEK. Needless to say I didn't stay on there very long at all.
I did however manage to get this picture of me on it. Happened so quickly that I didn't even pull my camera off of me for it. That's fine. It is documented in time and that's all that matters. I was pretty proud of myself, not going to lie. 
Nebulainbloom Lambic at bar nebulainbloom
After that thrilling experience atop the tower we figured it was time for what else.. a drink, duh! We're really not alcoholics. I promise. We found this awesome bar/restaurant called Paddy Long's beer and bacon bar. Could this be anymore perfect for us?! I think not. It was super chill and they had delicious food. 
Paddy Longs chicago Paddy Longs burger chicago
We decided to get the bomb sandwich. There's never enough bacon. YUMMMM! This burger was, wow, there are seriously no words for it. Bacon, Bacon, BACON. That's all I can say. This did not disappoint one tiny bit. 
We of course rounded out the night with a show that Bob had found before we even got to Chicago. Beer, bacon, and bands.. there cannot be a better combination out there. 
All in all it was such a good day! I got my museum fix and Bob got his beer fix.

With All My Love,



  1. Oh my gosh, the museum looks incredible! I love seeing dinosaur bones! <3 And I'm beyond impressed that you stood on the glass platform long enough to take a photo! I stood on the Sky Tower one in Auckland, New Zealand, and I was absolutely terrified!

    Lost in the Haze

    1. Thanks!! My palms got heart started racing. Ah. He took me by surprise. That's why I was like QUICK take the photo!
      Next time we go for sure we're doing other areas of the museum. It's just giant.

  2. I love Sue the T-Rex! I must go visit her one day, haha.
    And I'm with your fella when it comes to the Sears Tower, I was all for standing on the ledge, taking pictures, etc etc. I went to Chicago in high school and loved it there, and of course, took a million shots on that thing. I didn't get to do too many things on that trip, because it was a volunteer opportunity, but I remember being impressed on how much cleaner it was, versus what I thought.
    That bar looks pretty rad too. It sounds like the kind of day that the Ginge and I would have on a trip to Chicago. :)

    1. Twins. :) We're interested in the same kinda thing.
      You mean the ledge was cleaner? It was terrifying being on it! You're crazy. lol.
      Sue likes visitors so make that a visit for sure.

    2. I guess I should've said I was surprised on how clean the city was (is?), compared to say New York, or other large cities I've visited. Oops!

  3. Wow looks like so much fun. The museum looks awesome!!

  4. Looks like the perfect day! Hash, bacon, museum and a wonderful. Sign me up!

    You are so pretty! You have a wonderful smile. :)

    Nestled in Nostalgia

    1. Thanksssss :) So many compliments. We loved it there. Can't wait to go back.

  5. All that breakfast food made my mouth water ;P I just love Chicago. I am dying to go back and visit soon!

    1. WE cannot wait to make another trip soon as well. So many things left to be seen.


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