Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Windy City Shenanigans: Day ONE

Helllooooo! Like I promised here I am spilling the beans about what we did on our very first day in the windy city! I've decided to break it up by day and really pick and choose the best of the best pictures.
I hope you're not completely overloaded with pictures after this post!
I'll also post them sporadically so as not to totally bore you with all of the days consecutively, you're welcome. 

Here we go!! We stepped off the plane, got our luggage, and took the train to our hotel. Everything was pretty easy to maneuver around and we didn't get lost once (thanks love). It had already been agreed that the very first thing we would do in Chicago would be to eat pizza. YUM. We're both so food obsessed i'm surprised we're not 500 pounds. It's all in moderation..
We asked a couple of our friends that are from Chicago or spend tons of time there where to go first. They said this awesome place: Gino's East.
If you have never been there before it's for sure a must go if only for just the restaurant. This was actually not my favorite deep dish, that came from Uno Pizzeria, but it was still pretty tasty. No complaints from this gal. 
The restaurant had a red tinged light inside of it and I decided to just take pictures without completely annoying everyone around me, hence the weird lighting.
We ordered a supreme and here is a monstrous slice. As I was editing I realized I never bothered to take pictures of the actual pizza, d'oh! We had been up since 4:00 and this was somewhere around 1:00 PM, give me a little break. The above is from Bob's IG.
We decided that right after the pizza we HAD to do some walking. We headed towards the aquarium and as we did we realized that we wouldn't have enough time to explore before it closed for the day. The next closest thing(we thought) was the BEAN. I had been talking about that bean since before we left, Bob was more than willing to just take me and get it over with. Haha! 

It was not as close as we thought and ended up walking a good two miles. Instead of taking our time the boy decided to sprint walk. I have little legs.. I'm short... I like taking my time. I was cursing his name but we eventually made it. Along the way we saw these really cool structures that I had to snap some pictures of.
There were a couple of other ones but I was more focused on getting to our destination at this point.
We got there! Hurray!
Bob looks so upset and I'm super ecstatic. Don't let him fool you though.. he thought it was pretty cool. For some weird reason he thought it was a tiny bean. Imagine his surprise when we got there and it was this huge bean. I laughed when he told me what he thought. 
Why would I want to go see this tiny thing? He's such a weirdo and apparently lives under a rock.
It was pretty filled with people but not as many as I thought there would be, which was awesome!
Taking pictures off of the bean was super fun. I have tons more. I spared you! We look like little people. 
With all the bean excitement and the loads of walking we thought it best to find a bar and have a beer. I unfortunately didn't take any pictures of the place but it seriously had two of the oldest bar tenders I have ever seen in my life. They had some awesome stories to tell I BET! We had a few beers and decided to head back to the hotel.

By this point, we had both more than walked off our pizzas and were already thinking about dinner. More food, duh! On Bob's to do list was Kuma's corner a burger joint that was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. There was a lot of hype for the mostly metal named burgers so I couldn't wait to try one out.
We were closer to their second location, Kuma's Too, so we opted to go there instead. Same restaurant and I'm sure it was as delicious also.
The atmosphere was awesome and all the waitresses were super rad. They played metal the entire time we were there. It was just a nice place to hang out in.
This is my monstrosity of a burger. It was so darn delicious though. It's called the Absu and it had tomatillo salsa, pepperjack cheese, avocado red onion relish, queso fresco, and some fried chiles to top it off. It was an explosion of flavor in my mouth and I can't complain one bit about it.
I cannot recommend this place enough!

After dinner we headed to some random fancy-ish place for dessert. I felt super out of place there and didn't take any pictures because of it. It satisfied my sweet craving and that's all that matters.
As you can imagine we were completely spent after that. It was finally time to go back to the hotel and rest up for day two. Pffffeewww...

Hope you enjoyed day one!

With All My Love,


Ps: I noticed that when I uploaded some of the pictures on here that they look sort of grainy? Is it just on my computer? What's up with that? Grr..


  1. WOW! Super neat sculptures! I love that giant silver one, pretty cool! Also looks like you got some pretty yummy food, what fun adventures!! Hope you are having a wonderful week, Pati!


    1. The Bean!! That was my fave too. We always get yummy food. We plan around food. We're horrible..

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  3. It sounds like that burger joint was perfect for you guys! Glad you had fun and can't wait to see more photos. I especially love the ones of you guys in the bean :]
    emma deer

    1. Em!! It totally was.. it was super chill and just cool in there. :)


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