Thursday, May 16, 2013

Forever Grateful


So today I thought I would write a list of ten things that I'm grateful for because sometimes we just need reminding. Right?
Life hasn't been so perfect lately but really, who's is?
These are my ten things and they are seriously in no particular order but rather the order they popped into my brain!
1. My animals // They give me cuddles and want my attention. They don't ask for too much out of me and in turn give so much love. They calm me when I'm anxious or sad. All three of them are just AWESOME.
2. The Minions// Pia and Noah are crazy little people who make me want to pull my hair one second and cuddle in bed and watch tv with the next. They're both growing into amazing humans and each day is more and more fulfilling with them. Knowing I raised them pretty much alone is an even more amazing feeling.
3. Bob// This man is something I've been dreaming of for a long time. I'm the worst hopeless romantic you've ever met and  he's seriously not at all but somehow it works. He keeps me sane! I've never been in a relationship where I don't feel like I'm mothering the other person. He's different we're equals and both bring all of us to the table. We work and I wouldn't have it any other way. Plus he's silly.
4. Friends// Not any in particular but just all of them as a whole. They all have their personality traits that I totally admire about them. Kat is so loving, fun, down for anything, and genuine, she's herself and doesn't make any apologies for it. Lex is reliable, outgoing, best secret keeper, and gives the best advice. These are only two of my amazing list of friends. I love them all so much.
5. The ability to Travel// Traveling is my drug. No joke I cannot go more than a couple of months without a big trip. It's just an innate part of who I am. Exploring and getting lost somewhere makes me happy. Sitting in a field and watching nature makes me SO happy! I would without hesitation give my last dime to be able to have another adventure.
6. Music Concerts/Shows// I love music so much. It has always been my soothing mechanism. I would pop in a cd and listen to the same 12 songs over and over again until I got out of whatever mood I was in. On the other hand it is an aid to a good time, always! I've been making more time for shows since Bob and I started dating because he loves music just as much as I do. We always seem to just make the world disappear around us and focus on the band/instruments/singer. I love that feeling.
7. My house// Security is a huge part of what we are all looking for, no? I'm happy to be living in one of my parent's rentals and not have to worry about rent or apartment life. Even though it might be fleeting, I'm glad we have a roof over our heads there's many that don't. 

8. Knowledge// It really is the key to everything, don't you think? There are times when maybe I wished I was oblivious to something but always look back on it and welcomed the knowledge. It opens doors career wise and just to live life in general. I'm one of those people who just likes to know. If I hear about something I've never heard about before I take three minutes and read at least a little about it. Why not? There's so much to know and it all somehow provokes you to think.

9. My Oma/ My Opa// These are my grandparents. I've been calling them Oma and Opa since I was born, which is the German name for Grandpa and Grandma. My grandpa was fascinated by Germany and actually lived there for some time before moving back to Paraguay and that's why I call them that. I'm not very close to my family but I've always been close to them. My Opa is now gone but I always remember him and what he taught me. My Oma is actually here visiting right now and she makes me so happy! She just gets me and is just such a giving, loving, caring, amazing human being. I strive to be her. Period. 
10. Knowing Who I Am// I might not know what I want to do with the rest of my life but I do know who I am! I've always sort of been against the grain. Felt out of place for the longest time but for the last couple of years I've been extremely comfortable with who I am. It doesn't bring you anything else but confidence and for me inner happiness. I've always known but would sometimes be shamed into not being my best me. Those days are gone. 

You learned a little about me and I got to remind myself that even in those bad days there's always good! 
What are you grateful for?

With All My Love,



  1. last photo haha !

  2. Oh, this is such a wonderful list and just what I needed to keep me inspired. I am also living in a rental owned by my boyfriend's parents which you probably knew already, but can totally relate. It is so nice to have a roof over your head and not have to worry about landlords. I have not done much traveling in my life, but it has always been a dream of mine to visit another country. Maybe we should go on a trip together! :]
    emma deer

    1. Yes! I've actually never gone exploring on a friends trip :) Chicago was my first big trip without the parentals. It was so much fun! We did what we wanted and interested us. We stopped for drinks. It was perfect. Plus I like to do off beat things.. not just touristy.

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  4. Great list! It's always nice to take a minute to appreciate what we have, and lady you have a lot :)

    1. Thanks! I know and sometimes I need to remind myself that just because one little thing is going wrong I can't let it have such a huge impact on me.

  5. There is too much to say about this post so I will keep it simple - I LOVE this. Especially your revelations about loving you and having confidence- it is so important!!! You are amazing, never forget that. Great list!!! xo


    1. Thanks Alyssa, for all the sweet compliments. It takes a lot to be happy with who you are and I'm glad that I finally am!

  6. I just came across your blog and I love it! I was like, ok yumz breakfast here ill scroll a little more...saw your 10 things post, loved it and really resonated with #10 so let me just say - stay awesome!


    1. Thanks! That means a lot that you'll be sticking around awhile. I like to be true to me and I hope it comes across in the posts.


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