Friday, July 5, 2013

The Fourth

Good Morning Gals!
Thought I'd bring you a small recap of what my Fourth of July looked like. We woke up before sunrise and headed out to the beach to watch the Kemp Ridley sea turtles being released into the big, blue ocean. It was such an amazing experience and i'm totally going again before the summer is over. I was standing in the water so three of them even grazed my leg. It was amazing.
After the morning of turtles we relaxed for a bit when we finally made it home. 
It wouldn't have been a Fourth of July celebration with no BBQ so we made some burgers. They came out pretty delicious if you ask me and Crusher even joined in the fun! 
We sat outside and watched other people shoot off some fireworks for a good while. We bought a really small amount this year but didn't  feel like we missed out at all. Everywhere you turned there were fireworks being set off. 
I've always wanted to do the sparkler pictures and this was the first year I've ever done it. They came out pretty cool if I do say so myself. Bob of course decided to just write inappropriate things so I will not be posting those. Ha! Boys..  
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your Fourth of July and also this photo dump.
Texas sunrise nebula in bloom the beach nebula in bloom sand beach nebula in bloom sea turtle nebula in bloom sea turtle release nebula in bloom sea turtle release nebula in bloom sea turtle release nebula in bloom turtle release nebula in bloom fourth of july bbq nebula in bloom fourth of july beer nebula in bloom crusher bulldog nebula in bloom sparklers/ fourth of july nebula in bloom sparklers love nebula in bloom

With All My LOVE,



  1. Super fun photos! Glad you had a great time. I have always loved seeing video of turtles being released like in documentaries, so I am super jealous that you got to see that in real life. It must have been amazing. Have a great weekend, love.
    e m m a ▼ d e e r

  2. Those little turtles! Oh my gosh, how cute!
    I would love to experience like that. That seems so amazing. Also, that dog is getting me so bad. I love his little face.

  3. Ooh that looks so amazing. Super cute turtlea and dog!! I love your photos!

  4. Sounds like a perfect 4th! Haha about writing dirty sparkler words.
    Those pictures are amazing and the turtles are ADORABLE!

  5. Looks like you had an amazing time! Cheers!


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