Friday, July 12, 2013

Stand With Wendy

womens rights
Good Morning Ladies!
Today I had a completely different post to put up but thought this was way more important to voice my opinion on. The Texas Senate is voting on the anti-abortion bill today. After it having been VERY loudly contested by the public it keeps getting passed. Rick Perry of course is going to sign it into law as soon as it gets to his desk. I have been sitting on the edge of my seat for the last couple of weeks and following it religiously. Oh, how I wish I could be at the State Capitol today standing in support of women's rights. OUR rights! 
If you don't know about what the bill, HB2/ SB1, entails here are some points: 
  • No Abortions after 20 weeks gestations
  • All abortions must be performed in an ambulatory surgical center, imposing burdensome and unnecessary costs on outpatient clinics.
  • All doctors performing abortions must have hospital privileges within 30 miles of the clinic, a severe restriction in rural areas.
  • Women seeking a medical abortion must have two in-person meetings with the doctor
This would leave Texas with only 5 abortion clinics! FIVE! Really Texas Legislature? This is what you think of Texas women? The only word I can think for this mess is disgraceful. None of the amendments that the Democrats tried to pass with HB2 on Wednesday passed. These included exceptions for rape, abuse, diseases.. I am at a complete loss for words today. There will be a HUGE mess of demonstrating today at the Capitol if it gets passed in the Senate. 
Even though not all of you are in Texas this still affects you. It is only a slippery slope from here.. what next? This is an intrusion into our rights and we need to take a stand. I know I might offend some when saying all of this but these are MY opinions and MY thoughts. I am only in support of WOMEN. 

With All MY Love,


womens rights


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