Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What I Wore: "Yo Ho"

Hi Gals! I thought I'd do an outfit post with one of my favorite dresses of all time. I mean hello, is has pirate ships on it!
I got this dress last year when it went on sale because I refuse to pay regular price for things. I'm so cheap!
Anyway it's from a store called Sourpuss Clothing and they have super rad dresses all the time. Maybe even still this one..not too sure.
It's super comfy and i love the neckline! Nothing to complain about this dress at all! I actually wore it around town with this little jacket/hoodie thing that I got from Target a couple of years ago. I seriously wish I would've bought like three of them with how much I wear it!

So the pin above is my absolute favorite pin on the face of the planet! It has Disney and Star Wars?! and it's R2!! SCORE OF THE CENTURY! I bought it on our trip to Disneyland last November. I wish I could buy every pin.. they're just so darn expensive.
That necklace is also one that I LOVE! It shows a little wear now because of the frequency of use but who cares?!
I am having a fabulous week already. We get off Friday AND Saturday this week for that religious holiday.. you know the one :) Have a good week ladies!

Jacket: Target
Pin: Disneyland
Necklace: JcPenney
Shoes: Vans

With all my LOVE,



  1. You have a really rad style! I love it :)


  2. I love this dress on you Pati, it's so totally you :) The pin is super cute too. I am so happy that you're having a fabulous week- mine started with a snow day, haha! My boss called and was like "um yea...it's snowing, I don't think anyone's coming in so lets keep the store closed" lol. But I have to work Friday and Saturday :/ O well, at least it's already Wednesday! Once again loving all of your funny faces too ;)


    1. Umm your week also sounds amazing! I would die for a snow day right meow. I guess this winter/spring? I won't be seeing any snow at all. Unless there's some freak storm in Chicago next month. ha! Thanks for all the sweet comments Alyssa. :))

  3. that dress. those faces. it's all love.

  4. I laughed out loud at the faces you pulled in some of these pictures, haha! Love it! :)

    The dress is lovely. Totally get why you like it, hello pirate ships!



  5. This dress is absolutely wonderful! So cute on you! And your photos are absolutely splendid!

  6. Woo! Pirate ships on clothing! That's the best!

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