Friday, March 8, 2013

Cook with ME: Oso's Chicken Salad(Low Carb)

Hi!! It's Friday! It's splendid... and I still have a day of work left. Boo.
Today, I thought I would bring you a favorite that we make over here all the time. Chicken Salad!! NOM. It's Bob's recipe, hence the Oso, so I had to give him credit where it's due.

1. Boiled Chicken (9-10 Breasts)
2. Red Onion (Half)
3. Celery (One stalk)
4. Pickles (16 or to taste)
5. Mustard (3 TBS)
6. Mayo (8 TBS)
7. Hard Boiled Eggs (3)
8. Salt & Pepper (To Taste)

Along with the ingredients above I boiled the chicken in a homemade broth of sorts with these:
I just eyeballed all of them so that while the chicken cooked it would get a little bit of flavor from them.
Boil chicken for around 45 minutes at medium heat
 By the time they're ready you should be able to shred them with two forks.
 Keep repeating until all of them are shredded. This step is seriously the most time consuming one, after that it's all just chopping and mixing!
 Ali's not amused.
Start chopping up all the veggies in the ingredients section. You want them to be pretty finely chopped because if they aren't you'll get big chunks in the finished product. No bueno. Chop it up!
Combine the ingredients. We split up the chopping duties so by this time Bob had added the pickles and some mustard.
Time to add the mayo. I put the amount we used above but it's really to taste. I'm sure some people would like it drier and some with more mayo.
Adding in the celery.
Crusher loves to be right smack in the middle of the kitchen. Unhelpful.
After we mixed everything together we remembered to hard boil the eggs. So I did not get a picture of those :(. Doesn't it look delish though?
We put it on a bed of lettuce because we're doing low-carb but you can also make a sandwich with it.
The finished product. YUM!

Variation: This night we ate it cold but the next day for lunch I warmed it up with a slice of havarti on top and it was even yummier, I think. 

Let me know what you think if you try it out!

With all my Love,


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