Monday, March 25, 2013

Happenings around the Abode

Hello Gals!
So today I'm being a lazy potato at home I've had a pretty long weekend. 
Friday night it was one of our best friends thirtieth birthday parties. Where has the time gone? I feel so old sometimes knowing that so many of my friends are thirty or above. Crazy.
We had tons of fun. Maybe too much fun?! I needed a day to rest from work on Saturday, so I played hooky. It was much needed! The kids were with my mom and by the time I got out of work they were in the pool.. YES, you read that correctly. The pool. It was over 90 degrees on Saturday. Disgusting really.
 Thankfully today we're back in the 60s. Pretty glad about that. I can go outside and not have my face melted off. Look at these super cute kitties lounging about the house. I got too close to willow above and she couldn't keep her eyes open with the flash. Ha! I gave her a second chance to show those sparkly green eyes of hers.
 I was pretty productive around the house on Sunday. I cleaned up the Hurricane like destruction all around the house and put up some new blinds, with the help of the boy of course. I also spoiled myself a bit and bought some succulents and cacti. Aren't they cute?!
 I had so many empty containers sitting around my house. They've been begging for some cute little plants. I really do hope these don't die though because I have been called the plant killer.. Bob even hummed the Funeral March as we loaded them up into the car. What a punk! They will survive!
My absolute favorite! I thought this one belong sticking out of my "crystal" skull :)
How was your weekend? Anything exciting? Any tips on how to keep these plants alive?

With all my LOVE,


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  1. Your kitties and pup are SO cute!!!! I feel guilty but secretly love when the flash makes them squint. It's adorable!


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