Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The fun commences!

Happy Tuesday ladies!!
Gueeessss what? I mean aside that I'm still alive and well. Pretty stoked on that. I had tons of fun in Mexico and honestly can't wait to go back. How can you not have loads of fun with good friends?
If you didn't read my post from last week I went to go see the boy and his band play in Mexico.
They took awesome care of us. We had tacos at the end of the night and just enjoyed good company.

We walked across the bridge to get there and back and Sunday morning we were back by 10 AM.
Duh! We had to be back for Dark Lord Day tickets.
It was decided we would take a nap and then wake up to get the tickets.
Well I woke up but since Bob is crazy and stayed up all night it took almost fifteen minutes to get him up... BUTTTTT 
We were victorious!!! I cannot believe that on the first year we try we score tickets. It took about an hour to officially sell out because the site kept crashing and what not. I'm sure most of those were already spoken for within the first minute though. I was super scared we weren't going to get them but WE DID. First time going to Chicago and I seriously don't even know what we're going to see.
Any suggestions? Of course I want to go see the big things..but are they all worth it? Help!
Yesterday I was looking things up and my head was spinning because of all the things that there were to do. It was insane. 
Does anyone have suggestions around where to stay? I want to be kind of within walking distance of things.. going to the DLD on Saturday won't be a problem. 
This is the chaos that awaits us.. AH! I hate being around this many people but for the experience I will go once. There's also all these rare beers that they only tap that one day. I guess I shall try. 

Oh, Three Floyds I'm sure you won't disappoint us.
Please give us suggestions of where to stay? what to do? any piece of tid bit would be helpful. I need to get these things booked! 

With all my LOVE,



  1. I love Mexico!!! And Mexican tacos..... mmmmm.
    Congrats on scoring those tix too! Never been to Chicago, but I bet it will be a ball.


  2. Oh my! You've been so busy!
    I've never been to Mexico OR Chicago. That sounds like and absolute blast though!


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