Friday, January 11, 2013

Pizza Mia.

Hey gals! 
So I love to cook. Loveeeee it. It's super stress reducing and calming for me.
The best is trying out new recipes and adding them to my go-to dinners.
I also love PIZZA. Pretty sure it's the best meal ever invented in the history of meals. If you don't agree what is wrong with you?

Last week my sister and I made pizza. Completely down to the dough. It came out scrumptiously delicious.

First we started with bowls..or so I thought. It was a bowl vs. counter top controversy.
Counter top won, as you'll see by the pictures that follow, and it was a MESS.
There's liquids that go into this recipe. I could not keep them contained and ended up yelling at my sister to help me with the mess. Wish I could've gotten pictures but alas I was too busy trying to keep everything on the counter. Silly me.

I knew it was a bad idea from this very first step but whatever I had fun!
Flour on the counter.

This is after we had successfully joined all the ingredients into this amazing looking dough.
At this point I was just happy it was actually looking like dough and not a hot mess.
My mom graciously took this picture because as you can see, my hands were icky-sticky.

We wrestled up all the dough and stuck it into this super cute bowl to rest.
Into the refrigerator it went for approximately two hours. I know, the refrigerator you say? Weird. Just following the recipe. My mom and I were skeptical about it but the dough came out tasty, so no complaints.

This is what monkey was doing while I was cleaning up the floury mess. I caught him mid yawn. haha.

While we waited for the dough we made tomato sauce and onions. Noms!

After we took the dough out I let the kids make their own mini pizzas.
Pia of course HAD to go first.. this is her spreading the dough.

Her posing with the finished product. She doesn't always smile this weird. I'm pretty sure she had something in her mouth. :\

Monkey had his turn next.. but I pretty much ended up doing most of the work for him.
He doesn't have much patience. NO clue where that trait could've come from!? The apple never falls far from the tree..

My sister was the only one who could properly roll out the dough. I'm pretty sure after doing it 8 times in a row she was over it. I tried to help but just kept thinning it out too much in one area.
Needless to say she got the job back.

Pre-baked pizza.

The finished product. They're not the same pizza though. Have no clue why I didn't take a before and after of the same pie. You get the idea right? Doughy, delicious, cheesy goodness!!
Had tons of fun and spent time with the fam. 
Wouldn't have changed anything.

With all my love,



  1. There is nothing like fresh made pizza! Not only is it fun to make but it also gives you free range to put what ever your little heart desires on it!

    1. I completely agree. My favorite is always just onions an cheese. So yummy.


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