Monday, January 28, 2013

Geocaching- Wilderness edition

Hellllooo gals!
Decided to just start fresh this week. I needed some rest.
Wanted to introduce you all to something the kids, Bob, and I all love doing, GEOCACHING.
It's seriously the most amazing thing ever invented. I just wish I would've found out about it sooner.
That's the logo above and the website explains it as a treasure hunt for logs and containers using GPS coordinates, in case y'all weren't familiar.
We've been doing it for around 3 years. It's free, gets you outside, makes you use team work, and just overall sooooo fun!

This weekend I took the kids for a four hour caching session. We hadn't been in months and it was time we got back into the groove of things.
They are hidden anywhere. They could be in places that you pass by every single day. That's the best part about it. 
It is kind of time consuming at first. Even the easy ones take a while to get but with practice you'll develop a caching eye. 

She found it! It was behind the huge sign the whole time!

This is one of the containers we found yesterday. They range in size from tiny to a large tupperware. I once found a hollowed out bolt. So rad. 

The ones that are this small usually just contain logs like the one above.
Those are just as fun as the ones that contain swag, in my opinion.

This particular one took a good while to find. Mostly because I let them find it before I even look for it.
I usually spot them pretty quickly.
So, how do you find where they are hidden? I guess I haven't cleared that up. Have I?
I use an app for it but the hardcore cachers have handheld GPS units that are way more accurate.
I will at some point invest in one but for now all you need is your phone.

Hurray! Found! I got Pia to take this one. Not the best but what do you expect? She's six. 

I love Texas country roads. The windmills everywhere are so beautiful. Had to take a minute to snap the awesomeness of nature around me. We're cooped up for way too many hours of the day.

This was one of the last ones we found. It was underneath this amazing tree. 

It was underneath that pile of bark I put in front of it. So, really they're everywhere.

This one was large enough that it had a log and some stuff inside. Usually randoms little things that people put in there. The rule is you take something, you leave something. 
We always travel with a baggie of stuff to leave.
You never know when the caching bug might hit you!
These are all out in the middle of nowhere but only because we had already found all the nearby city ones. I'll do a city edition soon. Promise.
For now go check out for any questions you might have or you could ask me below.

Have you ever been Geocaching? Let me know!
Happy HUNTING gals.

With all my love, 



  1. These are going to be such awesome memories for your little ones to have! I had never heard of it, it looks like fun but I know I'll never be able to convince the hubby to do it :/

    1. The memories are partly why I do it. Plus they're constantly asking to go "treasure hunting".
      It took me a while to get my bf hooked also.. but once you get going it's really quite a treat. Download an app and look for one around your house :)


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