Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jolly Jar

This year feels so amazing already. We have tons of plans in the works.
Super stoked for the million and one things we will be doing this year.
Everything feels so new and refreshing. Which is why I want to remember every little thing.
Soooo.. I saw this on Pinterest a while back and have always wanted to do something like it.

A jar that holds memories you make throughout the year. I started it today and have three things in there already from the past week.
Big events are always what you remember but I also want to remember the small and cute events that make life awesome.

I think Willow was quite perplexed at what in the world I was doing. 
It's cool my kitty. This year will be the best ever!
If you were wondering if I named the jar.. why yes, I did! It's called the Jolly Jar. We will only be making JOLLY 
memories to fill up its insides.

The one for yesterday reads: "bought tickets to Chaos (in Tejas) fun times ahead".
Chaos is a 4 day festival in Austin that has metal and punk bands. I've always loved punk but not the way the boy does.
He's obsessed. He knows every band out there it feels like. Weird.
This won't be his first time going but will be mine. Eeep!
Anyway.. this festival is crazy and I cannot wait to be in the middle of it all. 
May cannot come soon enough!

Are any of you lovely gals making jars?
Let's see them!

With all my love,



  1. Wow, I feel like I've been gone forever, you have so many great posts up! It seems like everyone out there is doing these jars this year, it really is a great idea, helps you be more thankful for all the little amazing things in life :)


    1. Thanks! I'm super glad you're back. I love your posts.
      I've actually been wanting to do the jar for a while.. glad I finally started it.

  2. I love this, what a cute idea! xo

  3. ohhhh my gosh i'm so glad i saw your post, this is ADORABLE. i'm making it this weekend and totally pinning this. you're so cute :)

    1. Yay! Glad I'm getting more people on board. I'm stoked to have started it myself.
      Thank you for the lovely compliments!

  4. Love this!!! What an adorable idea!


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