Monday, January 7, 2013

Kickin' this year's butt.

First of all Happy New Year to all of you lovely gals out there.
I hope this last week has been a refreshing new start to the hustle and bustle of the last couple of weeks.
I love the holidays..but oh my are they busy.
I end up being pulled in fifteen different directions. Totally glad it's over.

These are my crazy little minions. Starting off the year in their PJ's. Excuse the poor quality.
I wish I had taken more pictures of them and all the fireworks. Boo.

So goals. Yes, those pesky goals that we all write down and semi finish each year.
This year I will tackle them all. Yup.
I feel so good taking on this new year. Pretty sure this is the happiest I've been. Well ever.

*Volunteer more-- I've had this one on the brain for quite some time. I use to volunteer all the time. Then I had kids, responsibilities, a job... the list goes on. It just feels so good to give to those who don't have.
*Read more-- This one is easier said than done. I have however read three books in the last month and a half. Something I haven't done in quite some time. I have so many books piling up that are dying to be read. Here I come!
*Travel more-- I have a gypsy soul. Truly, I do. I hate that I have to live in one place. The world is so vast and so beautiful. People are awesome. There's so many places to see and lessons to learn. I have to get out more.
*Spend more quality time with those minions-- This one is because I don't feel like I spend my time wisely with them. If that makes any sense? I want to craft more, cook more, adventure more.. etc.
*Blog more-- The little time I have spent blogging has been so fulfilling. I cannot wait to make more friends and meet some of you in real life! The support from all of you is so amazing. Plus this blogging life fits me. I hope it goes somewhere.
*Save more-- I'm horrible with money. It burns a hole in my pocket. I see it this way: I  can't take it with me when I'm dead.. so why not use it?! Bums me out that I need money for everything. Blah. Why can't we barter for things? I'm such a hippy. ha!
*Make time for me-- I need that quality time with myself. The boy is truly so supportive and amazing but I can't forget that I also have my own two feet to stand on. Plus it's quite stressful to not have time with my own thoughts and feelings.

I will accomplish all. I will accomplish all..

With all my love,


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