Friday, June 28, 2013

So Long June...

Thirsty planet nebula in bloom
June whizzed by me. It just went extremely fast.
I haven't even been to the beach once yet this summer. I'm hoping this will change sometime this weekend!
This month brought the minions last day of Pre-K and 1st grade. Those two are just growing too fast for my liking. They're doing all kinds of activities this summer that I wish I could go see them with more ease. Damn working all the time. I need to find a way to work for myself. Best thing to do in my opinion. 

We also went to tons of shows this month. Only have more planned for July. I have a couple of goals for July that I plan on sharing probably on Monday. I need to hold myself to these things. Even if I do one a week it's getting something done that I didn't have before. One thing at a time. 

Lastly, the boy and I had to have some kind of beer event in our lives. The Thirsty Planet anniversary event is the one we chose. We went last weekend for our two year anniversary and had a good time. I also helped to brew some beer this month. I'll show y'all some of those pics after we bottle in a week or so. Stoked. It's smelling extremely hoppy.. not too sure that I'll like it but being part of the brewing is good enough for me. 

Cheers to a good first month of summer.

With All My Love,


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