Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I wore: T-shirt, Floral skirt, Jean shirt

Another Wednesday.. another outfit post and I'm still not getting any better at it. I just laugh because that's better than wanting to break the camera, right? It's blurry but I enjoy it actually. Go figure!
Anyway, this is a Pati outfit at it's best. I love paring girly things with "punky" things.

I thrifted this jean shirt a while ago and had no clue what to do with it. Then I started to put it on top of cutesy outfits or dresses. I really dig how it looks here, actually. 
Oh man, those roots. I promise guys.. soon!

I love skulls and anything skull-like. I incorporate them into my wardrobe a lot. This is actually one of the boys old metal shirts that he no longer fits into. It's mine now, thanks babe! I'm also obsessed with this little tea kettle necklace I got from a really good friend for Christmas. I've been wearing it with tons of outfits.

I thought these boots deserved their own picture and explanation. I'm head over heels for these. I exchanged some HIDEOUS ones my mom got me for Christmas, they were some sort of Ugg ones, really mom.. Ugg? Most of you don't know me. Do I look anything like an Ugg wearing gal? NO??! Ok, awesome. Sometimes I really have no clue what parents are thinking.
I wore these for two weeks straight when I first got them. 
I love them and they're so darn comfy!

Ending it with a classic Pati face. Hope you enjoyed my little outfit. I sure felt comfortable and fashionable that day!

Jean Shirt: Thrifted
T-Shirt: Boy's old one
Skirt: Fossil (Forever ago)
Tights: Target
Boots: Steve Madden
Necklace: Gift

With all my love,



  1. You are STUNNING! And your hair is just about the coolest thing I've ever seen!!!

    1. Aww.. you have made my day Ms. Renee. Truly. :)

  2. Love this outfit, lady! Those shoes are amazing and everything looks awesome together! :0) Glad you saw that you have been nominated by me for the Versatile Blogger Award :D I was going to let you know but I wrote my post really late last night and then went to bed, haha! I eat coconut and almond milk ice cream, which I must say is pretty amazing, and coconut ice cream especially is very rich! Sometimes Daniel and I make our on with this little ice cream maker we have. I also love sorbet (there is no dairy in it) yum yum. Thanks for the comments :) It will be fun to see your answers too!


    1. Yes, I sure did see that award you gave me :) I'll write up a post about it tomorrow.
      I've been in love with almond milk for a while, now since I've been trying to maintain a low-carb lifestyle, and I never even thought of making ice cream with it.

  3. I love this outfit, so pretty!
    I don't know about in person...but in the pictures those don't look like roots, it looks like it was meant to be that way :)
    haha, I can so relate to the Ugg thing, my in-laws for some reason STILL buy the boys little matching head to toe plaid Ralph Lauren outfits for Christmas and birthdays, wth...and I have a pair of fake Ugg looking knitted boots that my mother in-law gave me one year, sooo not me, but they're warm so I wear them as slippers around the house :)

    1. Thanks for the roots comment.. made me feel way better. Still getting them fixed on Monday *fingers crossed*.
      Be happy it's only your in-laws. I think my in-laws do a better job at buying me presents than my mom does. She tries to dress me how she would like me to dress. NOT too sure if you've gotten the memo mom, I'm 26, It ain't happenin'.

  4. Girl, you are SO pretty! I love your big, brown eyes! I have brown eyes too, but they are small (tiny actually). I am always trying to find ways to make them look bigger. And your hair is fantastic. And those boots? For the win.

    1. Ms. Emily,
      Sweetest comment. It made my day amazing already. My bf makes fun of me because I have big eyes, big lips, and a tiny nose. Meh. I'm not going to complain.
      I'm OBSESSED with the boots. Glad you liked.

  5. studs and skulls are just the perfect match!! you look awesome!

  6. I love that we have the same skirt and that we styled it so differently! Now I want to give it another shot wearing a cute band tee.

    Great outfit, lady!

    1. Thanks madam! I love the way you styled it also.. I wear band tees with errythang ;)


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