Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Clean as a whistle

Hi gals! 
So the picture above describes exactly what I was doing yesterday. This house was a crazy mess and it was time to get it sparkling again.
I really feel like I'm in some sort of zoo sometimes with all the animals and people living here.
I know this post isn't the lively-est (It's a new word) ever but sometimes you just need those posts that show I'm a real living person sometimes. Mommy life gets tough sometimes.
I'm just glad yesterday I got so much stuff done.

I was also wondering if anyone uses natural products for their house? I'm so lazy and I just buy store bottled stuff but I know I need to get into the habit of making my own. 
All these toxins present everywhere really do scare me.
I've tried using vinegar before for things but it's so strong smelling that to me it's a bit off putting.
Maybe something you mix it with?

Anyway that's all for today. Just short and sweet.
I'll be back tomorrow with an outfit post.

With all my love,



  1. There definitely are days like that for all of us! (especially us momma's!) Can't wait to see the outfit post!

    1. Tell me about it. I'm glad I'm not alone... feels so good to have a clean house though.

  2. I've never used anything but 409 and lysol in my house haha. I know it's bad. I've wanted to explore other options for a while now but I just never get around to it.

    1. I know :\ I always opt for the easy way out. That should be a goal for the next couple of months. Try to make homemade cleaners. I'll let you know how it goes.


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