Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cook with me--Low Carb Nachos

Hi gals!
So last night Bob and I cooked these delicious low-carb nachos that I wanted to share with you. They were so delicious and filling.
I haven't talked about my weight loss journey on here yet but I started it last year.
To me it's not a diet but rather a lifestyle I want to adhere to for the rest of my life. I of course slip up everyone once in a while and need a break. The last couple of months I stopped eating low-carb and gained 8 pounds back, of the original 32 lost.
It's not for everyone but for me it works and I have read a lot about low carb\ high fat and feel it is healthy and something I want to do.
Pheewww.. now that I got that over with, on to the recipe! I cook a lot. Everyday actually (well except for weekends, most of the time) and I've never tried this before but it came out delish!

First I browned the meat. I used I think bottom round sirloin? Don't quote me on that. You can also use some type of ground beef you feel comfortable eating. I wanted bigger chunks of meat on mine.
These are the seasonings I used on the meat. Julio's is just a season-all pretty much that Bob and I like to use on all types of meat. If I didn't have that I probably would've just used salt, pepper, crushed red peppers, and the garlic powder.
So if you ever came to eat at this household you would KNOW we eat tons of bacon. It's delicious how could you not?! The recipe for the refried beans actually called for it though, yay! While I browned the meat and fried the tortillas Bob made the beans. Team work!
So, actual refried beans are not very low-carb and these black soy beans are. They didn't have quite the same texture but the taste was pretty darn close. I'll take it! We used this recipe for the beans. We cut it in half though because I had only bought one can of beans but that was more than enough.
At this point I was telling Bob that I hoped they tasted better than they looked because that's not very appetizing. They did, so no worries!
This is after all the ingredients were compiled together. Let's review: browned bacon, mashed beans, butter( If I was making it I would've omitted this but he makes the recipe to a T), garlic salt, pepper, and 2 TBS of heavy cream(sorry forgot to take a picture of that). You can get the specific amounts at the recipe link above.
While Bob was making the beans I started to fry the tortillas. I would also like to mention this is not how we eat everyday. It was a treat because we were both really craving nachos. This dish had absolutely no greens and we always have veggies with dinner.
Anyway, we used the whole pack of tortillas above to make the dish.
I cut them into fours.
Then, fried them in a small pan with olive oil.
The finished result of the frying. I also would like to point out the ones above are the regular tortillas not the low-carb (for the kiddos). They're super impatient and I have to make everything sooner for them.
We assembled the chips, the beans, and topped it with cheese( used shredded cheddar to our liking) and stuck it under the broiler for literally a minute. 
This is after we took it out of the oven and topped it with the beef. You see how a minute was more than enough? The outer tips were already getting burnt. Bob likes it pretty crispy though, so it worked out.

The finished edition that was my plate. I put sour cream in the middle because duh, who eats nachos with no sour cream?

This dish couldn't have turned out any better for a first try. We're for sure going to make this one again. If you don't eat low-carb you can always just substitute out the tortillas and the beans for regular ones but the over all recipe will still be the same. 
It's super easy and pretty quick to make. I say give it a whirl!

With all my love,



  1. looks good!!! now I'm craving for some nachos!! hahaha!!

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  2. Congrats lady, that's a great accomplishment, (especially since you're doing it in a healthy way!) and you look absolutely gorgeous!!! Now I'm totally craving swap meet nachos!


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