Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So Long.. I'm gone..

So I've been counting down the minutes until this weekend! The boy
and I are headed to Austin for the weekend. We have absolutely nothing planned except for a brewery
tour on Saturday. This is the way I wish all my trips were.
I love walking around and enjoying the scenery!
Plus if you've never been, the Texas hill country is amazing.
I cannot wait to move back to that area!

Can Blue Bonnets be any more beautiful? Of course it's not spring right now. Bummer.
Either way the rolling hills and the beautiful land that you encounter is gorgeous.
Makes me euphoric just thinking about it!

Pedernales Falls State Park is so amazing.
I"m hoping the boy will let me whisk him away and hike for a bit sometime this weekend. He's not one  for much adventuring onto uneven ground. Don't worry.. nothing a smile and a pout won't fix. haha. 
If I could live forever in the wilderness I would take that life in a heart beat. 
I am however as much a city girl as I am a country/wilderness girl. So this wilderness would need to be close to a city.. reason 39349483 why Austin is awesome!

As if the city wasn't amazing enough.. there's art and music everywhere. So inspiring.
I'm hoping to come across tons of little murals while I"m there and photograph them for you guys!
The one above is probably one of the best known ones around the city but there's so many, many more.
Eep! Friday can't come soon enough.

With all my love,



  1. Hope you have fun! Pedernales Falls looks beautiful.

    1. It really is! I actually didn't make it out this time.. but I did some super fun things instead.

  2. Austin sounds gorgeous! I've never been there before.

    <3 Melissa

    1. You should really plan a trip. Never a dull moment.

  3. MY gosh! Those pictures are amazing!

    1. Will have my weekend update after Christmas. Super excited to show all of you what I did!

  4. Ahh I lobe the first picture with all the purple, wish the roads here in The Netherlands looked like that as well :)


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