Sunday, December 30, 2012

Austin Adventures Murals

Hiya! Hope you enjoyed the brewery adventure I took you on.
I sure did enjoy being there.
Today I wanted to show you some neat-o murals I found around Austin.

This first one isn't mind-blowing or anything. Just..UVAS (grapes in Spanish for anyone wondering). I just
like the clean lines and that every letter has two different shades of the same color.

This one is one of my favorites for sure. All the geometric shapes that made this face are A-mazing.
The quote on the side "La soledad solo existe cuando abandonas tu ser" is really powerful. It roughly translates to, " You can ever truly be alone when you abandon yourself". 
I stood and stared at this piece for quite some time. 

This one wasn't a mural but rather one of those poster transfer things. Still thought it was cool. 

This mural was pretty weird when I first saw it but after I read about it I like it a lot more now.
I believe it says "Bienvenidos" at the top. It means welcome in Spanish.
There's an awesome Mexican calendar girl and then some type of Greek/Roman philosopher type. 
The philosopher is trying to empower the woman to stand up and have her voice heard through the use of the microphone and the spray paint cans.
The two children at the bottom are actually dreaming all of this up and want it to be their reality.
I LOVE the concept of this whole piece.

This was my favorite one. Visually anyway. I'm obsessed with skulls! 
Something I really haven't shown on this blog yet. I dedicated a whole wall in my house to skeletons/skulls. The element of death is just fascinating to me. Plus skulls are rad and you can't tell me any different.
I'm also a die hard hopeless romantic. I'm a super sappy love story kind of girl. This is just the perfect mural for me all around.

Studebaker! I love those cars. Nothing fancy here. 

Not a mural..but these are all over down town. Art everywhere.

Last mural was this Virgen de Guadalupe one. Really traditional looking Mexican mural. 
It was actually outside of an awesome store called Tesoros. The store had all types of hand made goods from tons of different Latin American countries.

Hope you enjoyed all those. Gotta get these resolutions written up!

With all my love,


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  1. How neat!! I love street/building murals. Thanks for sharing!


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