Monday, December 17, 2012


Hey guys! 
I wanted to dedicate this blog to my first animal loves.. my cats. 
As much as I love my dog now I cannot fathom having a life without cats. It really is two different kinds of love. They cannot be pitted against each other.
My cats are so awesome. 

My VERY first pet ever was Willow!
She will forever be my shhh.. secret favorite. She's only super friendly to me. Probably why she's so special to me. She tolerates everyone else in the household and I'm 
pretty sure it's just because she gets under the chin rubs.
She's not super active but would rather lay around and scope out everything happening in the house.
I'm pretty sure she thinks that Abigail, the dog, is completely insane. They pick on 
each other all the time but nothing more than playful (that's what I think) fighting. 

I always wanted her to have another cat to play with and of course was hooked on cats after her.
So I got her Ali, a year later.
Willow HATED Ali at first.. I thought it would never work out. I gave it a couple of days with them being separated before I introduced more than just the scent. I left to work and thought the door was closed correctly. To my horror it wasn't. It was however the best thing that could've 
happened. They were playing together when I got home!
I was one happy mommy for sure.

Miss Ali cannot be anymore different than Willow if she tried.
She's totally playful and wants to be on top of you at all times. She's sitting on my lap while i'm typing up this post actually..
Ali loves people and wants to be around to see what we're all doing at any point through the day.
She loves to chase flies that come into the house and pounce on them until they cease to fly. 
Morbid.. I know.. but hey! she's entertained. Plus who wants flies in their house anyway?!
She's also the constant climber. I bring something into the house and she's the first one on top of it. I really should buy her one of those fancy cat climbing towers. They're just oh so expensive.. boo.

These two have seriously brought endless joys and cuddles into my life. Not the last of them you'll see around these parts. 

With all my love, 



  1. Super cute cats! Sadly i'm like, deathly allergic to them. :( i have allergies AND asthma. Really too bad because they seem like just a quirky, yet pretty low maintenance (compared to a dog anyway) pet.

    1. Bummer about the allergies! They are SUPER low maintenance. When I first got my dog it was a crazy adjustment period, they take so much more attention!! Now we're all one big happy family.

  2. Both your kitties remind me of our cat Eleanor, who now lives with my sister-in-law since she doesn't like dogs (we have 3!). She is much happier there and I can stop in for visits any time. Your kits are so cute!!

    xx, C

    1. Aww.. that's a total bummer about Ms. Eleanor (Love the name BTW). At least you get to visit her and you know she's well taken care of. Willow, my oldest, cannot stand my boyfriends dog.. it is war every time they're near each other. I have no clue what we're going to do when we eventually move in together!

  3. Your kitties are GORGEOUS!!! Too cute for words!


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